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Students are expected to dress in a manner befitting an institution of learning and in a manner which represents a positive self-image.  We expect the following everywhere on campus, before, and after school.

Hair: Traditional Neat Hairstyles.  Extreme hair color and/or styles that may cause a disruption will not be allowed, for example, hair must not hang in and/or over eyes, only natural color.  No scarves are allowed. Headbands must be less than 1 inch wide and must be either black, white, or brown in color.  Hair must be done neatly and completely; no half-done hairstyles.

Coats and jackets:   Coats and jackets will be appropriate size for wearer, and will not be overly baggy.  Coats and jackets should only be worn in weather appropriate for the garment.  The coat and/or jacket must be taken off in class and must be stored in a secure area within the teacher’s classroom.    Hoods cannot be worn anytime while on campus.  No camouflage jackets or coats.

Shirts: Students are required to wear a kelly green crew neck t-shirt or polo style shirt with no logos, no writing, and no pockets.  Shirts must be appropriate size for the student.  Undershirts must be white only.  Long sleeve undershirts cannot be worn under short sleeve shirts.  A long sleeve Kelly green t-shirt or polo style shirt is permitted during cold weather.  Shirts must be neatly tucked in at all times.

Skirts and dresses: Khaki skirts or dresses must have a color combination of green and khaki.  Skirts must be fitted at the waist and must be worn at the knee.  Dresses must be worn at the knee.  Mini-skirts or mini-dresses are not to be worn to school.

Pants or slacks: Plain khaki pants or slacks are required, and they must be a permanent press type of material.  Pants or slacks must be fitted at the waist, worn with a belt, and with no low slung crotch.  They must not be baggy, must not be frayed at the bottom, must not drag the floor, and have NO CARGO or CELL PHONE POCKETS.  Shorts, spandex pants, jogging pants, see-through pants, nylon pants, Capri slacks, corduroy pants, pants made like “blue jeans”, mid or low rider pants/slacks or knee pants are not allowed.

SHORTS, PANTS, JEANS, SWEAT PANTS, etc.  cannot be worn under the uniform pants.

Belts:  Belts must be secured at the waist and buckled.  Belts must be black or brown only with no holes in the body of the belt, no metal, and no writing on the belts.  Large belt buckles are not allowed. 

Shoes:  White, black, or brown shoes are required. Shoelaces must be laced and tied properly.   No bedroom shoes, flip-flops, slides or sandals are allowed.  The shoe laces must match the shoes. Boots are not allowed.

Hats:  No hats, bandannas or head covers may be worn by males or females.  These items cannot be brought to school.  Bandannas may be considered to be gang related.  Hoods must not to be worn at anytime while on campus.

Sunshades and/or dark glasses: Unless prescribed by a physician, sunshades or dark glasses are not permitted. (Documentation from a physician will be required)

A student shall not dress or groom in class, and he/she cannot wear or use emblems, insignias, badges or other symbols.  No gang signs, symbols, or insignias may be worn or displayed. 

Jewelry:  No jewelry, including tongue rings, belly button, nose or eyebrow rings/ decorations, earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, wristbands, or watches.  No gold or silver caps on teeth. 

The Principal at CIL will make the final determination on whether a student’s dress is disruptive or conflicts with the student dress code.

We, the undersigned, acknowledge receipt of the CIL @ PINECREST  Dress and Grooming Policy for students.

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