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Procedures Traveling To and From:
            emergency drills

Students will walk on the RIGHT side of the hall or breezeway.  

Female students will walk at the end of the line.

Students will stop at every intersection, doorway, and/or exit sign to allow students to catch up.  Students can also be encouraged to also stop at all fire pull stations especially when the line of students is long.

Students may talk quietly while traveling.

Students will allow for free space between each other.  (Skip a square on tiled flooring)
Students will keep their hands and feet to themselves, i.e.  Don’t touch others or their property.

Students should stop at the first fire-pull station when they enter the cafeteria.  Coats should be removed at this point and notebooks placed in the containers.

During class changes the P.E. aide will be outside to monitor students traveling to P.E.

The D wing security aide will be outside between the C and D wings to monitor students.
Other security aides will be in front of the A and B wings.  Teachers in all areas will monitor the halls and breezeways from their doorways during class changes.  

    Loud noises
    Touching other people or their property
    Stopping at restrooms
    Stopping or visiting other classrooms
    Knocking on windows or doors of other rooms
    Traveling without a chaperone in place
    Walking behind the buildings