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Cafeteria Procedures

Enter using the right hand door.  All doors leading to the cafeteria will be unlocked everyday.

Once your feet touch the carpet, stop talking.

Students should stop at the first fire pull station.  Jackets must be removed and left on the table.  At this time middle and high school students should place their notebooks in their next class box.  Boxes will be labeled with the middle and high school teacher names.   

Students should walk until they reach the water fountain.  Then stop and wait for the rest of the class to catch up.  Students will then turn and walk parallel with the teacher’s lounge.  Students will walk straight to the student refrigerator, stop and wait for further directions.  

Students remain in line until they reach the refrigerator.  Once they reach the refrigerator they will proceed to the next stop.  Now they can enter the serving line, wait at the dirty tray window, or get their lunch from the refrigerator.  Students who brought their lunch may use the microwave at this time; however, only one student is allowed at the microwave table at a time.  Students will need to be seated at their assigned table if more than one person needs to use the microwave.

Three students will enter the serving line, and three students will wait at the dirty tray window.  As one student leaves the serving line other students will advance.  The remaining students will wait to advance to the next stop at the refrigerator.
Students must pick up at least 2 food items at breakfast and 3 food items at lunch.  One of the three items at lunch must be a vegetable or a fruit.  Students may select one food item from each group; however, they may not get more than one of any item.
Students must get everything they need while inside the serving line, i.e. napkins, forks, dressings, condiments, etc.  Students are not allowed to return to the serving area; however, a staff member may help obtain the needed utensil if needed.

Students must memorize their ID numbers so they can be entered on the keypad.

After students have their lunches they should go to the first available seat at their assigned table.  Students should skip at least one seat between each other.   All students will sit facing the stage unless the number of students dictates otherwise.

Once seated talking is not allowed until the adult gives permission.  Once permission has been granted students must talk in quiet voices to the people at their table.

At breakfast disposable trays will be used; therefore, students should place the entire tray and left over food and trash in the trash cans provided.  Only one person should be up at a time.  Students should return to their appropriate seat and wait for further instructions.

At lunch students should place their dirty tray in the window; again, only one student is allowed to be up at a time.  After returning their trays, students should return to their appropriate seat and wait for further instructions.

When departing as a group, students should line up on the carpet, remembering that once you are on the carpet all talking ceases.

Students should be encouraged to use polite table manners, i.e. please and thank you and to clean up their areas.

The costs of special menu items, like lemonade, tea, smoothies, will be posted in the cafeteria and also sent to the teachers.  These items can be purchased as the students exit the serving line.  Students may use money in their lunch account, or they may pay when they exit the serving line.  Money must be ready and available upon exiting, and the correct change is preferred.   

Students will have the opportunity to use the restroom during lunch.  See restroom procedure.

    Yelling across the room.
    Getting out of your seat unless you are returning your tray
    Sharing food
    Throwing food
    Taking food from the cafeteria
    Wearing jackets in the cafeteria
    Touching other people or their food
    Entering the teachers’ workroom
    Purchasing items from the vending machines
    Horse playing in line
    Taking more than one food container of the same item
    Not having money ready for the cashier when purchasing special items

Adults will monitor students in the cafeteria.  Monitoring adults should refrain from having conversations with the students during lunch.  Monitoring adults should circulate around the cafeteria to insure that all students are following the procedures.