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Procedures for the Restrooms

Students are allowed two restroom breaks – first period and lunch.
Only one person is allowed in the restroom at a time.  As the number of students increase it may be
necessary to allow two students in the restroom at a time.  No more than two students should be in the restroom at any given time.

Students must always have permission and be monitored when they use the restroom.  A chaperone must be outside of the restroom, not at the end of the hall.

Morning Restroom Break Procedure
Students will report to their first period class to obtain permission to go to the restroom.
While being supervised by their first-period teacher, students will use the restroom located on their breezeway/hallway.  

Teachers should coordinate specific restroom times with other teachers who will be using the same
community restroom.

The classrooms on the C wing and the P.E. classroom do not have community restrooms on their hallway/breezeway; therefore, they will use the restrooms in another area.
Students in P.E. will use the restroom on B breezeway.  
Students in C1-C4 will use the restroom on B breezeway.
Students in C5 will use the restroom on D wing.

From 8:15 until 8:30 a.m. a monitor will be stationed in the bus area at the front of the school and on A wing to insure that students report directly to their classes.
Lunch Restroom Break Procedure
Middle school students will use the restrooms on the B breezeway after lunch under the supervision of a monitor.  High school students will use the restrooms on the A breezeway after lunch under the supervision of a monitor.  Students needing to visit the restroom will line up along the wall in front of the stage.  Five students will be escorted at a time to the restroom.

Other Restroom Break Procedure
If needed students may be escorted to the restroom after they unload the bus in the morning or before they load the bus in the afternoon.  However, they must be chaperoned.

Students should report any problems in the restroom to their teacher immediately.  
i.e.  running water, clogged up sinks, graffiti, lack of tissue or paper towel, etc.

Students will be encouraged to clean up after themselves, i.e. pick up paper towels and tissue.

    Using the restroom between classes
    Using the restroom without permission
    Using the restroom without supervision
    Inappropriate use of the facilities
    Using a restroom that is not assigned to you
    Using the restroom before or after P.E.
    Using the restroom during or after recess unless they have permission from their teacher and are chaperoned