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Procedures for Morning Arrival

Car riders are not allowed on campus before 8:15 a.m.

Students on the AB halls are not allowed in their classrooms before 8:15 a.m.   Early bus riders will report to the cafeteria.  They will be supervised by staff.  Students will be separated by gender as well as by grade level, i.e. middle and high school.  They will face the stage and skip a seat between each student.  All students must wait in the cafeteria and not in the chairs in front of the office.

Once seated talking is not allowed until the adult gives permission.  Once permission has been granted students must talk in quiet voices to the people at their table.

Bus students will be sent to their first period class upon arrival or at 8:15 a.m.

Students will be dismissed from the cafeteria by buildings.
Students must walk directly to their first-period class.  Students who have P.E. first period should use “B” walkway.
Students are not allowed to stop at the restrooms, main office, guidance, or therapeutic counselors.
After students have checked in with their first period teacher they will be allowed to use their assigned restroom.  See restroom procedure.  

The P.E. aide will be outside to monitor students traveling to P.E.
The D wing security aide will be outside between the C and D wings to monitor students.
Other security aides will be in front of the A and B wings.  Teachers in all areas will monitor the halls and breezeways from their doorways during class changes.  

Teachers will monitor arrivals from their classroom doors.

Late students must have a pass from the office indicating the time of arrival.

    Stopping by restrooms before they have checked in with their first period teacher
    Visiting the guidance office, counselor offices, etc.
    Loud talking