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Procedures for Riding the Bus

Students will be called over the all-call intercom to load the buses.

Students will walk to their appropriate bus while the teachers watch from the doorways.  Monitors will be at the front of A & B breezeways and at the front of D wing.
Once on the bus the students will walk to their appropriate seat.   

While riding on the bus, students will remain seated.

While riding on the bus, students will keep their hands and feet in their own space, i.e. not outside the windows or in another persons’ space.

While riding the bus, students will talk quietly to their neighbors sitting near them.

While riding the bus, students will face forward at all times.

While waiting for the CIL shuttle bus, students will talk quietly and remain in the assigned area until the bus arrives.  
Bus drivers will be encouraged to give one CIL buck for good behavior.  Students should not receive more than two CIL bucks while riding the bus.  Competitions between the buses will be encouraged so students and drivers can be recognized when no referrals have occurred.

    Pushing and shoving
    Getting too close to the curb when bus is coming
    Dropping trash on the floor
    Eating on the bus
    Yelling on the bus
    Throwing things on the bus
    Standing up on the bus
    Getting out of your seat
    Writing on the seats or frame of the bus
    Vandalism of any kind
    Horseplaying while waiting for the bus
    Horseplaying while on the bus