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Procedures for the Playground and Outside Recess

Students will use the playground equipment properly i.e. do not throw baseballs/basketballs at people.
Students will play, walk, and talk in the designated areas.  i.e. Students are not allowed behind or inside
the buildings while at recess.

Students will use assigned equipment at recess.

Students will treat each other fairly with kindness and respect.

Students will use appropriate language and tone.

When recess is over students will line up at the appropriate location on the first request.
If teachers choose to allow restroom breaks after recess, they must use their assigned restroom, and they must chaperone  
their students

    Climbing the fence
    Leaving the playground area
    Entering the building
    Going to the restroom unchaperoned
    Eating or drinking
    Throwing rocks
    Tackle football
    Touching other students
    Excluding certain students from playing
    Misuse of the equipment