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Procedure fo Assemblies

Students will enter the assembly area by following the traveling procedure.  Remember the no talking rule once your feet touch the rug.  Jackets must also be removed and left in the baskets.

The students will sit facing the stage in the cafeteria.  They will be separated by gender and will skip a seat unless the numbers of students dictate otherwise.

Students may talk quietly after they have been seated until the assembly begins.

Students will refrain from talking when the assembly begins.

Students will remain in their seat unless otherwise directed by their teachers.

Students will applaud appropriately when necessary.

Students will refrain from making loud unnecessary noises.

Students are expected to be attentive and engaged.

Students should raise their hand and wait for permission to speak.

Students will be dismissed by classes at the end of the assembly.  When exiting the cafeteria, talking is prohibited once students reach the carpet.
    Going to the restroom
    Continuing to talk beyond the initial time
    Passing notes
    Slouching or head on table
    Disrespectful behavior or language
    Loud applause
    Waving hands or fists
    Whistling - yelling or screaming i.e. “woo, woo”
    Hopping over chairs
    Waiting for friends