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Procedures for the Dress Code

All middle and high school students must observe the following dress codes. A long sleeve Kelly green t-shirt or polo style shirt is permitted during cold weather.  

Kelly green t-shirt or polo style shirt with no logos or no writing.  

White undershirts only.  No colored or printed undershirts.   

Long sleeve undershirts cannot be worn under short sleeve shirts.
Khaki skirts or dresses must have a color combination of green and khaki.  Skirts must be fitted at the waits and must be worn at the knee.  Dresses must be worn at the knee.  

Plain khaki pants or slacks are required.
Pants or slacks must be fitted at the waist. No low slung crotch.  No sagging, bagging, or dragging pants.
NO cargo or cell phone pockets
Shoes should be predominately white, black, or brown. Boots are not allowed.

Belts must be worn.  

Shirts must be neatly tucked.  Shoelaces must be tied.

NOT Allowed
Frayed at the bottom
Shorts, spandex pants, jogging pants, see-through pants, nylon pants,
Capri slacks, corduroy pants, pants made like “blue jeans
Mid or low rider pants/slacks or knee pants are not allowed.  

Shorts, pants, jeans, sweat pants, etc. can not be worn under uniform pants.   
Mini-skirts or mini-dresses can not be worn to school.

Boots are not allowed.
No hats, bandannas, or head covers may be worn by males or females.  
Hoods may not be worn at anytime while on campus.  
All clothing must be appropriate size for wearer and not overly baggy or tight.  
Jewelry will not be worn.
All jackets will be removed when the student enters the building.  

First-period teachers will check for dress code violations.  Students who have not followed the dress code will be escorted to the office immediately.  The Principal will contact the home for appropriate clothes or the student will be sent to ISS.